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Nima Shafiezadeh
2 min readSep 26, 2020

Hello, the world! I am learning English and this writing is my exercise, so I can speak Persian because it’s my vernacular.
My name’s Nima and my last name’s Shafiezadeh. The meaning of my name is Judge. I was born on 8 May 1995 in Tehran, Iran.
I’m a content marketing enthusiast, Social media lover, and editor in chief at www.nima.today. I work for 9 hours every day. In my free time, I go to the gym and play cards.

I live with my wife in a house in the west of Tehran. It’s near a park. There are 4 sofas in the reception room and a bed in the bedroom.
I love Tehran, but it’s very expensive. It’s very interesting and amazing.
My wife’s name’s Niloofar. She’s a digital marketer and likes animals and nature. She’s very cute and kind.

My father, Majid, is retired and my mother, Nasrin, is a tattoo artist. He likes gardening and she likes her job.
My father usually gets up at 8 o’clock in the morning and helps my mom with the housework.

I have a brother. My brother’s name’s Sina. He was born on 30 June 1991. He’s married and his wife’s name’s Atieh. He likes data science and she’s a student in Italy. They’re very friendly.

My mother’s and father’s father and my father’s mom are dead. Just my mother’s mom is alive and her name’s Parvin. She’s about 70 years old.

I remember when I was 15, I had become the best student. At that time I studied and read lessons. It was very easy for me.
My parents weren’t poor or rich. My father was an employee and my mom was a housewife, but my parents gave me a mobile (Sony Ericsson) as a gift.

Our English teacher’s name is Shiva Mahshid. She has more than 20 (22 years to be exact😎)years of teaching experience. I really like her. She’s a good teacher.

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Thank you for your attention. ❤

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